About Maura Jo

Pregnancy, Birth and Wellness Professional

Maura Jo Lynch began her work as a birth professional in 2006 to prepare to attend her friend's birth.  With her partner and nursling in tow as she attended her rigorous three-day training to become a Birth Doula. Between nursing visits from her little one, she learned more in three days than she had in the two years she’d spent preparing for her first child’s arrival. After her third birth doula client, Maura Jo realized that her clients could be getting so much more if only she were teaching classes, and she began her training as a Childbirth Educator in 2007. Amidst all this birth energy, she announced to her first childbirth ed class that she, too, was “in the family way.” She attended her sixth required birth three weeks prior to the birth of her own second child, and completed her final exam while her then six week old slept comfortably, head resting on mom’s shoulder. Fifteen months later, Maura Jo got her second Childbirth Educator certification, this time through CAPPA. She was one of the first in the US to become a Certified Pregnancy Fitness Educator, and  holds an additional Perinatal Fitness certificate. She is a Hypnobabies HypnoDoula to better support the unique needs of clients using GentleBirth, Hypnobirth, Hypnobabies and other hypnosis-related techniques. In December of 2015, she also completed the rigorous training and community project requirements to become the state’s fourth (out of nine) Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula through StillBirthDay.

She has a Rebozo Certification through Gena Kirby’s program.  She is the first GentleBirth Certified Educators in Connecticut and participated in both Mindfulness Training and Hypnosis Courses as part of the certification for GentleBirth. She is a proud Evidence Based Birth ® Instructor teaching parents and professionals.  She is a Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Certified Postpartum Doula and always learning more. She has authored an inclusive language Childbirth Manual, used in her legacy evidence-based childbirth education programs. She has also presented on birth-related topics at many area Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies conferences over the past several years. Education is part of her life's work, to gain information and to share and apply it. She has taught Parent Education and Childbirth Classes at hospitals in Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Maura Jo loves teaching and realizes that this is a core passion for her. 

In addition to working in the birth field, Maura Jo is a former adjunct professor at Central Connecticut State University, and Southern Connecticut State University. She holds a Master’s Degree, three undergraduate degrees, and a Certification from Marist College in Complementary and Alternative Healthcare. She is also a certified Herbalist and Reiki Master/Teacher with a background in coaching, fitness, homeopathy and plant medicine. Her focus in grad school was in Medical Anthropology and her thesis was, “Women’s Experiences Using Nonbiomedical Healing Modalities.” She runs a selective coaching program for new birth workers in order to raise the bar of professionalism in the Connecticut Doula community and help other birth professionals advance their own careers. Maura Jo had both of her babies with homebirth midwives. Her main goal in working with expectant families is to give parents the tools they need to empower themselves in pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Each family is unique, each birth is unique, so Maura Jo tailors her services to the needs of each client, and she is happy to discuss how her Programs and Packages can best serve you and your growing family.   

Credentials and Certifications

Childbirth Educator

CAPPA (CCCE), GentleBirth (CGBE), Evidence Based Birth (R), Madriella (MCE)

With a Master's Degree and six years of experience teaching in the university setting, Maura Jo brings an understanding of adult learning and pedagogy to her Birth Classes.  She began teaching Childbirth Ed in 2007 and has enjoyed learning more and adding additional certifications ever since.

Professional Birth Doula

ALACE (CPLA), toLABOR (CBD), StillBirthDay (SBD), Madriella (MCD)

Beginning with training in 2006, Maura Jo has been trained and certified with four separate birth organizations (ALACE has since dissolved), learning different skills with each training.  Going the extra several steps to complete a certification gives Maura Jo additional background, skills and experiences many other doulas have chosen not to avail themselves of.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Educator

CAPPA (CPFE), AFFA (Coursework)

As one of the US's only Certified Pregnancy Fitness Educators, Maura Jo offers private consultations, group classes and more to help folks enjoy healthy pregnancy, healthy birth and healthy postpartum "bounce back" into fitness.

Wellness Educator, Reiki Master, Herbalist

Certificate in Alternative and Complementary Health Care (Marist College), RMT, Certified Herbalist (Sage Mountain)

With an interest in alternative and complimentary healthcare that began in the early 1990's, Maura Jo has studied several modalities and types of alternative care including herbs, body work, homeopathy, Reiki and more.  Her work with the public focuses on basic herbal literacy, stress-reduction, energy work and health care literacy.

Professional Postpartum Doula

Madriella (MCPD)

Maura Jo offers Postpartum Doula services to folks in Central Connecticut, New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury and beyond, including Dutchess County, NY. Services include light meal preparation, light housekeeping, breastfeeding support and infant care. Call or email for more information.

Certified Professional Doula

Madriella (MCPD)

This is a new credential signifying they have met both birth doula, & postpartum doula certification requirements, plus hold a valid CPR/BLS for professionals, have their blood-borne pathogens certification and are food safety certified, and have completed further education with Madriella's Professional Doula training.  This credential reflects a high level of dedication to continuing education and professionalism.