Reiki Treatment

Reiki Workshops
and Sessions

Reiki, which can be translated as "universal life-force energy," is a hands-on stress reduction and spiritual wellness technique.  It has gained great popularity since the 1990's, when Maura Jo first learned about it. 


$70 per hour

Reiki sessions are done fully clothed, and are a form of hands-on spiritual healing and stress reduction through touch The hands-over method is available, if the client prefers it.


Reiki I Tuition $150

Reiki II Tuition $250

Master/Teacher Training Tuition TBD

Learning to use it for self-healing first is part of the tradition Maura Jo comes from, so the Reiki I Workshop focuses first on that.  Reiki II allows us to begin healing additional aspects of our own lives and work with friends and family.  Reiki is best learned over time with lots of practical, experiential learning.  When students exhibit a long-standing dedication to using Reiki daily for themselves and those closest to them, it may be time to discuss the steps to becoming a Reiki Master.