Female College Students

Tutoring Inspired Perinatal Professionals


Tutoring for those inspired to be true professionals in their heart/soul work in the perinatal field! 

The mission of Tutoring Inspired Perinatal Professionals is:

Helping new and returning birth workers and perinatal professionals achieve certification goals (through the certifying organization the individual chooses)

Developing networking, support and accountability for all doulas, childbirth educators, perinatal fitness and wellness professionals and others working in the field

Raising the professional bar for birth workers and perinatal paraprofessionals

Building a strong, companionable community

And raising awareness of birth work and perinatal professions in our state.

Maura Jo provides the following through the TIPP:

Personalized, Ongoing Support

One-to-one Tutoring and Goal Setting Sessions

Group Gatherings

An Active Online Community

Achievement Recognition

Optional In-Service Trainings

Continuing Education Opportunities in collaboration with BREATHE Birth Workers

This program will help guide you through the steps of certification and, like traditional tutoring, offers opportunities to solidify understanding of the subject matter (though far less expensive than traditional tutoring, which can exceed $70/hr. in our area).

Additional mentorships/internships may be available to those who demonstrate excellence and dedication as they move through the TIPP program.

Registration is a two step process. 

First, complete the application (button below). Maura Jo will conduct a video interview with you within two weeks of your application's receipt.

Upon acceptance, a $1,000 non-refundable enrollment fee fully covers the first 10 months of enrollment. 

Tuition is $25 a month after that for a maximum of 18 months. 

It is important that prospective members of this learning community discuss the requirements with their families and doula back-ups before enrolling to be sure they'll be available for the scheduled meeting dates.  The time commitment may vary between enrollees, however, anticipate at least four hours a month of support with some months including additional meetings and opportunities.

Maura Jo has successfully completed three birth doula certifications (one is birth and bereavement) and a postpartum doula cert. In addition, she has successfully completed multiple childbirth educator certifications (and two related credentials), was one of the first CAPPA certified perinatal fitness educators in the US and she completed her Master's Degree in Women's Studies with an infant under the age of one. She attended her first doula training in December of 2006 and has worked with adult learners in both Childbirth Education and University settings since 2007. She accomplished these goals with the support of those around her, and she can help you accomplish your goals as well!