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My wife brought up the idea of a Doula during her pregnancy, I did not know a great deal about this but wanted to support my wife as we explored this option. I can say with 100% confidence that we would not have go through our birthing experience without Maura Jo. With our doula we had constant support, advice and a calming perspective that helped my wife in and out of the hospital. During the 24+ hours of birth Maura was a rock (for both of us) and made sure that any advice or opinions given to us by the 5 different doctors that we had was not taken lightly. Maura not only supported our decisions but helped us make our own birth plan that was unique to the type of birth that we wanted and supported us constantly. I would recommend Maura Jo to anyone that needs support through what is such an emotional process, as she will contribute before, during and after. We were very fortunate to be able to connect with our doula and feel blessed that she will continue to be part of our lives.

Avi Dubnov

Maura Jo Lynch was our doula on March 26,2018. We met Maura Jo at a birth refresher course and she happened to ask us if we had a Doula. After some thought after the class my husband and I arranged a meeting with Maura Jo. We discussed our background and previous birth experiences which had been traumatic. We expressed our wishes to hopefully have a VBAC for this birth. By the end of our meeting, we had a contract signed and also discussed taking GentleBirth classes with Maura. The GentleBirth classes were informative and proved to be helpful during the birth of our daughter.
Maura Jo met us at the hospital on the morning of March 26th per our wishes and had a smile on her face even though we woke her up in the middle of the night. From the moment we arrived at the hospital Maura Jo was by my side with my husband. Maura Jo kept me positive as we walked the halls to get my contractions going again to the moment I had a successful VBAC! I would highly recommend Maura Jo as a Doula. Maura Jo felt like family from the moment we met her and her expertise made laboring so much easier. Maura Jo kept giving me different positions to try, comforted me through contractions and kept me focused at the end to make sure I didn't give up. As a result our beautiful daughter was born and we have Maura Jo to thank for being there for us. After some terrifying birth experience we now know it is possible to have a positive birth experience thanks to an amazing Doula!

Alicia Le Borious

My husband and I couldn't be happier with our decision to hire Maura Jo as a doula and take GentleBirth classes. The knowledge that we obtained from her in this program so incredibly prepared us, that when it came time to alter our birth plan, we were able to confidently and capably navigate the road to ultimately meeting our son. Having Maura Jo as our doula made our birth story incredible. We wouldn't want to imagine this birth without her. She will forever be a part of our journey into the next chapter of our lives. We can't recommend her or this program enough.

Krista Williams

Hi Maura Jo,

I just wanted to follow up to say thank you for the GentleBirth workshop and to let you know that [our baby] was born....  After the workshop I did listen to the affirmations and some of the hypnosis tracks in the app pretty regularly leading up to the birth. We used a lot of what we learned through the program to put together our birth plan and once the time came we were both feeling confident and ready. 

....[When the baby was born] She came straight to me and stayed on my chest for over an hour before being taken to be weighed and measured.  We are completely in love with her.  

I am so happy with how my birth story turned out and I credit a lot of that to being well-equipped and educated going in.  I can't thank you enough for being such a great teacher and helping to make [our baby's] birth one that I will look back on with no regrets! 


Kaitlin Clinton (And Matt)

We just wanted to thank Maura Jo so much to the wonderful experience my husband and I had in her hybrid online/in-person birthing class. We took this class prior to the birth of our second child, thinking that it would be helpful to have a refresher course. Taking this class helped in more ways than we could expect! It definitely helped to prepare us for ways to cope with labor, much more so than the class we before our first son was born. We gained new knowledge of visualizations, different positions to labor in, exercises to perform during back labor, and meditative readings, leading us to feel much more well-equipped to manage the pains that we knew were inevitable. Maura Jo had a warm personality that instantly made us feel at ease. She went above and beyond to make sure that all of our questions were answered and that we acquired as much information as possible from the course. She is a true expert and made the members of the group feel at ease asking any questions that arose. We would recommend her as a teacher to anyone looking for a natural approach to childbirth. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Kristen and James Turkosz